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"The thought of getting organized can feel absolutely exhausting."

Organizing your home or office is always easier with expertise, support and coaching from an organizing professional.  With our professional organizer on site, any space is redeemable! We provide space planning and efficient storage ideas and solutions for easy access and retrieval.  We’ll help you sort, pare down and liberate yourself from what you don’t need, creating strategies and a system of home organization specifically tailored for you. We even assist you with space planning and re-design. With our skilled team of professionals we can tackle any home or office organizational project you have including:


We’ll help you with basic wardrobe structure, planning and complete organization and provide you with a more effective way to contain all your clothing, accessories and much more.


With our professional expertise you’ll go from clutter to calm in any closet space you have, from front entry ways, mudrooms, bathrooms and linen closets.  You name it, we can do it! We know that under bathroom sinks and hallway closets can be virtual clutter hot spots. Sorting through clothing, linens and bathroom accessories is an adventure we love to jump into!


Working together we’ll make any cabinet, cupboard, drawer and pantry functional for quick & easy retrieval. We’ll pare down and re-locate non-essential items and dispose of expired foods.

We’ll re-arrange your kitchen to match your action and activity zones.  No more cluttered counter tops and surfaces!

Children’s rooms:

Did you know that when children are organized they become more successful in school and in life?  When a child’s room or playroom becomes organized, maintenance becomes a natural course of action. Your children will have a place for everything with the creation of fun and functional storage systems that work the way they think.

Garages, basements and storage places:

We’ll help you eliminate junk, determine essential items and create zones within your spaces implementing an orderly environment with amazing storage.

Your garage, basement and storage rooms will become a welcome and functional extension to your home.

home office organizer

Are you drowning in a sea of paper? Do you have boxes of “stuff” cluttering up your office and making you feel overwhelmed? How would it feel to have your peace of mind returned to you? We’ll help you get it back.

Clutter and disorganization in your office or shop can waste precious time and money while you’re looking for lost or misplaced items and information. Having a well-organized filing and storage system will save you time, making it easier to find, sort and file relevant items, or discard information no longer needed. Keeping you focused, motivated and inspired is our goal. Working collaboratively, we’ll sort, purge and organize papers, supplies and business accessories. Once we get to know your style, we’ll set up your home office, shop or small business office, and customize files and organizing systems to work more efficiently, increasing your productivity and enhancing your professional image.

We’ll take a load off your office so you can take a load off your mind and help you organize your way to success!



  • Reconfigure your office space to increase efficiency
  • Create paper and digital file systems that make sense to you
  • Organize drawers, desktops, cupboards
  • Research and purchase suitable storage supplies
  • Consulting and coaching to encourage insight and changes
  • On-going support as you continue to maintain changes

We also provide weekly, bi-weekly or monthly organizing maintenance packages for those that need a little extra assistance. Being organized is vital to the success of a growing small business and we are committed to helping you achieve that.


Serving: Vancouver • Richmond • Burnaby • New Westminster • CoquitlamDelta • Surrey • White Rock • Langley • Cloverdale • Port Moody Maple Ridge • Abbotsford • Chilliwack


 — Professional Organizer for your Busy Lifestyle —

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