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I hired Shelley this last weekend to help with my Xmas party at my house in Langley. They did a wonderful job! It was so nice to relax and enjoy my own party. Second time I’ve used them and will use them again.

B McLean, Langley

We, at Tag Engineering, were extremely happy as were the guests with the services provided by Shelley Cameron from Shaz'z Organizing Solutions. Our holiday reception was run smoothly and professionally from beginning to end.

Upon arrival to the event she was constantly checking on us if we needed anything. We also appreciated that she was very easy to get a hold of and answered any questions we had in a very timely manner. It really did take so much stress off our shoulders not having to worry about greeting, entertaining and serving our guests with her knowledge and friendly professionalism.

We would most definitely recommend her company’s services to anyone!”

E Mankova, 

Tag Engineering, Surrey
Shaz'z Organizers are the top of the line organizer! I am very well pleased with their professional and hard-working ethic. I highly recommend this company to anyone who feels overwhelmed and just needs an extra hand to help situate any area of their home.

Priscilla Olivier, Abbotsford
Hiring Shaz'z was the best birthday gift I have every given myself. Shelley came in and 6 house later changed my home and life. We donated 20 large garbage bags of clothes and household items to charity and that was also a good feeling. Thank YOU Shelley and Miriam!  THANK YOU! Adil 

Adil Bharmal, Burnaby
Sooo happy with how everything is looking! I get major anxiety over clutter and it was so cathartic to just go through all the junk and purge away everything we don't need. She was sooo supportive and encouraging and didn't make me feel bad at all about the things I wanted to keep. Then she organized everything that was left and made it beautiful. Even my husband said that he didn't realize how claustrophobic he had felt before until it was all cleaned up. We had worked on one particular space on this visit, but she'll be coming back to do the whole house soon! I can't wait. Very reasonably priced and an excellent value. She was easy to talk to and comfortable to be around during the process. Couldn't be happier!Alex & Ben

Alex & Anne Gaiger, Abbotsford
We booked Shaz's Organizing Solutions to help out when we moved. They came in and helped get my kitchen and craft room into functional spaces and did such a great job❣ Everything has a place and there is a place for everything making it super easy for me to maintain❣
When we needed a last minute bartender for our impromptu Christmas party, I called Shelley and she came to the rescue❣ The fellow she sent over went above and beyond❣ Not only was he an amazing bartender, he warmed up and served appies, cleaned up as needed and most importantly, made our guests feel welcomed as they arrived (while I was still getting dressed having run late all day)❣
Barb Altman, DeltaI highly recommend them for anything from unpacking and organizing closets and cupboards to making sure your party runs smoothly❣

Barb Altman, Delta
I am so glad to have found Shaz'z. First, I hired them to help me with organizing solutions for my busy home. Shelly did a great job!
Last night I hosted a dinner party for our family and friends, and unlike our previous gatherings, last night went as smooth as it can get. We are very happy with Jason's professionalism and eagerness to always be on top of everything. He did all the work that we requested him to do. Prepared the hot Appetizers, put up the Christmas lights, went around offering drinks and appies to guests, clearing the kitchen counter, running the dishwasher, and most importantly, he was having fun! Never seen him doing nothing during the party. Would certainly avail of their services again! And i might request for jason again! Awesome service! Thank you very much Shelley and Shaz'z!!! Marj Torre

Marj Torre, Vancouver
Shelley was kind, professional and effective. Over 3 sessions, she helped me to prioritize the things I needed to do and she jumped right in to help me tackle the most difficult jobs. "On one occasion, Shelley worked with my teenage daughters to declutter their bedroom. Shelley was able to motivate them and encourage them (unlike myself !) and with her help, they enthusiatically worked on their spaces. Their bedroom looked fantastic at the end of the day and my daughters were so proud and happy with their room. " was overwhelmed to do it myself."  Shelley helped me to restore some space and sanity to my cluttered home and gave me encouragement and honest feedback. I would not hesitate to recommend her. She is responsible, reliable, accountable and has excellent communication skills. She puts her heart into her work and cares about the well-being and satisfaction of her clients. Laura U


Laura U, Burnaby
I hired Shaz'z Organizing Solutions to help me pack my 3000 sq ft home. Shelley and Skylar provided an excellent service overall. Very helpful and supportive.  I would definitely recommend their services to my family & friends.Great Experience!

Michele Gilbert, Vancouver
Shaz’z Organizng Solutions are amazing! They changed my life...well at least helped me remove the clutter in my life! I am a single parent, I work full time, and my free time goes to spending time with my son. I find there in not enough time in the day to keep up with the cleaning and keeping my personal belongings organized. Shaz’z de cluttered and organized every room in my home. They were prompt, incredibly helpful and unfazed by any aspect of the work. They were brutal when it came to letting me keep things we didn't need, making me account for everything in my home! But it was exactly what I needed. I couldn't be happier and would hire them again in a heartbeat. Thank you!

Neil Olson, Mission


Shaz’z Organizing Solutions would like to thank our clients for your great feedback.


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