Shaz’z Clients Say….

Here’s what are clients are saying about us…

Amazing work! Thank you so much! I hired Shaz'z Organizing Solutions for  last minute packing. They were very prompt, professional and I would definitely use them again. I would also refer my family and friends.

Shilou B, Coquitlam
"Best thing you can do for yourself is hire a professional organizer! Very helpful! They were very prompt, professional. I would use their services again and would also refer my family and friends. Thanks Shelley!"

Maude, Glonek, Kitsilano
"My Mom contacted Shaz'z Organizing Solutions to help me declutter and organize my bedroom, I work two jobs and also in my last year of High School. Just could not find the time and did not enjoy my room anymore. Shelley was a great help and I did not think it would be so hopeful.  I am so glad I did it. "

Emily Amoral, Vancouver
" Shelley and Mary Elizabeth were very helpful in organizing my kitchen and TV room. It was a pleasure to have such professionals in my home. They were very prompt and professional, I would use them again in the future and would refer them to my friends and family."

Amy Lowe
Shelley and her assistant Holly were very organized, and very nice to work with. We used their packing/unpacking services. They were very prompt and professional. We have used their services in the past and would use them again, and we would not hesitate to refer them to family and friends.

Katarina Ticeric, Vancouver
Just want to thank you again Shelley for the fantastic work of de cluttering at first for me and then getting me packed up and organized for moving. I would still be there in a muddle if it wasn't for you. It was a big house with 25 years of STUFF and you made it so much easier to move on.
Thank you again and I must add it was worth every penny. Thank YOU!

Carol Jackson, Cloverdale
Thanks so much - seriously the best money I’ve ever spent! I just wish I had the budget to have them come back and unpack!! 🙂 The ladies were great - Nell is amazing… Thanks so much!


Brandy Deleves, Vancouver
" Shaz'z Organizing Solutions provided me services of packing, unpacking and organizing. They were prompt and professional. Shelley and her crew made a tough job infinitely easier and my place looks better than I could have ever imagined. I would use their services again in the future and would refer them to my family and friends."

Colin Ritchie, Vancouver
"Shaz'z Organizing Solutions provided me with de cluttering and packing services. Shaz'z was very prompt and professional, I  used their services, and would again in the future.  I would refer my family and friends. One word, GREAT!!!!"

Shelley Dyer, Vancouver,
"I hired Shaz'z Organizing solutions to help me pack, they were prompt, their professionalism was the best. Thank you, thank you...again.....could not have survived without you, Nell and Janine....seriously! Best mothers day ever!!! I already have referred them to my family and friends. Will forward your info to my real estate friends and others."

Marcia DuMont, Vancouver


Shaz’z Organizing Solutions would like to thank our clients for your great feedback.


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