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Hi Shelley,

"I thoroughly appreciated your company and Alea. My friend who helped me move expressed several times how wise it was to hire someone to pack. When I first walked in with Alea,  the size of the job to repack magnified in my view, and I wondered if the packing alone would take the whole day. Alea had it completed in 4.5 hours. Alea was very nice and professional, mature and friendly. I would very much have Shaz'z Organizing Solutions back to pack, when I would move again. And I would recommend your company to everyone."

Dennis Lord, Vancouver
" Amy was very helpful, and made me feel comfortable right away. We got way more done then expected. Amy helped me with organizing, she was very prompt and her professionalism was amazing. I would use Shaz'z Organizing Solutions services again, and would refer them to my family and friends. Thanks!"

Sarah Reaburn, Vancouver
" Really enjoyed the time spent, Amy was great, Shelley took control (much needed), and we completely redid my whole office. Great work! Will recommend you!"


Dale Pruden, Vancouver
" Words are not adequate for the absolutely amazing job that Shelly and Juliana did in my home.  I have had Shelly before and was so very pleased and need I say grateful?  I got her to come again as I am moving and after 26 years in the same home, I couldn't begin to sort through everything!  She and her staff are professional, friendly, fair and WONDERFUL! I recommend them to my friends and if you want to de clutter, move, simplify your life or get helpful advise then do not hesitate to call shelly.  One thing I did find difficult was to get Shelly's Facebook page without having her proper FB address. I wish I could cut an paste her reviews! My sincere thanks to Shelly and Juliana and I know I will call them again without hesitation. "

Carol Jackson, Cloverdale
" Shaz'z Organizing Solutions organized my filing system for our home office. Shelley was very prompt, professional. I have no words to express my feeling of relief. Shelley was very knowledgeable, wise, came prepared. I would use their services again, and would refer her to my family and friends. I love the work. " xoxoxo Syra.

Syra Brar, Cloverdale
" I was at my wits end with my office space, it had become a “catch all” for everything in the house. I had started a project with old pictures, I had begun to scan them onto my computer. I had to rummage through a bunch of stuff to find them, therefore I was in even more of a mess. I got to the point I did not know where to even start to clean up the mess. I had heard of Shelley from Shaz’z Organizing Solutions, and I decided to call her. She told me what she could do to help me out and how much she charged per hour. It sounded great and affordable so we set up a time. Well, to my surprise she was done before I knew it. I am now organized and now feel like entering the room to pay bills etc. I live alone and have lots of other things I could be doing, so I    just may keep Shelley on my payroll to maintain it for me every couple of months. Great organizer, very quick and very affordable. "

Bruce Britton, Ashcroft
" Shaz’z helped me with unpacking and organizing my kitchen. The staff was polite, efficient, timely and very professional. Shelley from Shaz'z is wonderful. I was very satisfied with their services and I would definitely recommend my family and friends. "

A Zilber, Vancouver
" A moving company referred me to Shaz'z Organizing Solutions. I had packed up my condo and had my kitchen left, but I was running our of time and energy. The movers were coming the next day, I called Shaz'z, told her my dilemma and they were here in 3 hours that day. Shaz'z was a lifesaver and I could have not done this without them. Shelley was polite, efficient, timely and very professional. I would HIGHLY recommend Shaz'z Organizing Solutions."

Genevieve S, Vancouver
" Shaz’z came to my rescue when faced with a job relocation. Shelley organized everything relieving the stress. Items were    sorted into keep, donate and trash. After the contents were packed she arranged a mover, secured a storage locker and  supervised the movers. Donation went to a women’s shelter. I would highly recommend utilizing Shaz’z services. Thank you for the great job!!!”

Steve Studer, Vancouver
" Shaz'z Organizng Services are the BEST, I just moved from Alberta to Vancouver and really did not know where to begin. We moved from a 4 bedroom house to a two bedroom apartment. I was getting anxiety attacks, I called Shazz Organizing Solutions and they came the next day. My house was in order within 4 hours. I was amazed at all the space I had now, and all the stuff that was junk. Shaz'z got the junk removed from my house, and my house was in such order. I COULD BREATH again. Thank you again Shaz'z!!!"

Erin Millan, Vancouver


Shaz’z Organizing Solutions would like to thank our clients for your great feedback.


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