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Here’s what are clients are saying about us…

" Just wanted to write this note to thank you for helping me with my first house purchase.  Shaz'z Concierge Services was great  with their service and availability for helping me organize my move with unpacking and running some errands. I can not thank you enough for your service since I was under enough stress with purchasing my first house. Thanks again and I will definitely be using your services in the future."

Glenda Jarvinen, Chilliwack
“ When something nice happens to you a special excitement follows that makes you want to share with others and today l would like to do it with you and your company. I would like to say thank you for your wonderful service provided to my wife and myself. With my wife being sick so often you have made her feel more in control by being there for her when she is compromised. I know she is safe when she calls you to step into the gap for her...also thank you for the nice job on my car … lets make it a once month habit  and just do what you did last time …

Mimmo Carbone, Abbotsford
“ After 5 years of living in our condo we had accumulated quite the amount of "stuff". The "stuff" had taken over. As if that wasn't bad enough, I had also begun to operate a home business 2.5 years ago and had no real system in place for the mounds of paperwork that were piling up. Finding anything around the house was a chore and the disorganization of it all was driving me crazy. I couldn’t work (or live) like this anymore. I found Shelley on the Internet and we started working on my "office". It took a while to sort through, but in the end was more than worth it. I can once again find a document in 30 seconds. I was motivated! We tackled my bedroom closet next. I'm not done yet, but getting close, and the change in my house (and my feeling towards my house) is dramatic."

Desiree McLean
In the Dog House
" I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did helping me organize my move after I sold my house. I did not know  where to start, it helped to de clutter before I began packing. I only have to move half the house because the rest was junk. It was wonderful once the movers arrived that you were there to help me unpack and organize each and every room. I would recommend you to anyone. I love the new name too."

Sharon Olson, Maple Ridge
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Shelley and Shaz'z for the help she gave me setting up my new office. I did not know where to start but with her professional and experience she gave me the motivation to get going on it. I was so pleased with the results I asked her to take a look at all my clutter in my basement. I could never seem to find the time and quite honestly I did not know where to start, since it was in such a termoil for months. We had removed so much junk that I had been packing around for years. Thanks to Shelley my basement is so organized and I can see the floor now.”

Cathy Price, Mission
I would like to send a big THANKS to Shelley for all of your hard work and patience in managing my property when we had to    relocate unexpectedly. Your professionalism and organization really helped, especially in in the uncomfortable situations with the tenants. I don't know what we would have done without you. You are an amazing woman!! My family would like to extend our gratitude to you with a bonus cheque and I am sure that I will be in need of your other services in the future. Thank You, with all my heart!

Jessica Zaytsoff, Abbotsford
" Clutter vs Shelley … and who is the winner? Well in this case, I am! I had the opportunity to have Shelley in my home for a couple of hours & she attacked my living room. Three bin/boxes were setup – donation/garbage/sellables. The only important question was why did I have a lot of this stuff still hanging around my house and she was able to give me the answer & a workable solution. At the end of 2 hours, I had a donation box full of items; a bag of useless stuff for the garbage bin; a small amount of items that could perhaps be sold; and an overall good feeling that something had been accomplished. There is an empty space in the buffet cabinet, several baskets that were emptied of their junk, and a clean & dusted shelf unit. I even had to let go of a pair of earrings that had a missing stone (god only knows why I was keeping those).With encouragement & help from Shelley – I was able to eliminate that cluttered look in the living room. She gave me numerous helpful tips for my laundry room which I have now put to good use and that has motivated me to de-clutter in the bathroom as well. Because she has no attachment to the ‘things’ that are hanging around...she can be unbiased and give an honest answer about which box or bin it really belongs in. I will be having her back to help me de-clutter my spare bedroom/office space in the future. THANKS again for your help.  

Melanie Margison, Abbotsford
"I was at my wits end with my office space, it had become a “catch all” for everything in the house.I had started a project with old pictures, I had begun to scan them onto my computer. I had to rummage through a bunch of stuff to find them, therefore I was in even more of a mess. I got to the point I did not know where to even start to clean up the mess. I had heard of Shelley from Shaz’z Organizing Solutions, and I decided to call her. She told me what she could do to help me out and how much she charged per hour. It sounded great and affordable so we set up a time. Well, to my surprise she was done before I knew it. I am now organized and now feel like entering the room to pay bills etc. I live alone and have lots of other things I could be doing, so I just may keep Shelley on my payroll to maintain it for me every couple of months. Great organizer, very quick and very affordable..!!

Maple Ridge
"Shaz'z Organizing Solutions was a life saver. I needed help to pack all my belongings for ANOTHER move that I was dreading. I am a Senior and could not pack myself. Shaz'z unpacked and organized my new home. Shaz'z was professional, friendly, affordable and most of all very reliable. I would definitely recommend them to friends and family. Thank you Shaz'z.

Denise Powers, Abbotsford
"Shelly is a wonderful person and a fantastic "organizer". Had her help me and I am utterly amazed at her abilities, hard work and help. Worth every $ and am recommending her to my friends and family. I feel like a new person with all the STUFF gone. I thank my luck stars the day I phoned her and made an appointment. Thank you

Shelly, I will be calling you again for help! Special lady, special skill! This was one of the best things I have ever done for myself! I would recommend with 10 STARS!

Carol Jackson, Cloverdale


Shaz’z Organizing Solutions would like to thank our clients for your great feedback.


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